Miss Rosie

Your assistance dog is always beside you

Labradoodle born 01/11/2017 – Pack Leader

It is said “Leaders are born Leaders”. This is certainly true for miss Rosie. Dogs of all shapes and sizes look up to her for guidance and reassurance. In the dog training business, making use of “Leaders” innate ability to calm an anxious dog or show how a behaviour is done is called mimicry, other pack members watch and learn from the Leaders.

Miss Rosie was assessed as a confident dog, nothing bothered her, from screaming kids to loud thundering trucks, the only real issue was excitability, jumping up and all over you as well as no lead manners.

During initial assessments, Rosie showed great smarts, enthusiasm and a desire to please, especially for cheese treats! still her number 1 treat.


Rosie will do anything for cheese, including telling her handler it’s medication time, to bringing slippers and unloading the washing machine or picking up a can of food off the bottom shelf at the supermarket.


When it comes to working and jacket on time, Miss Rosie takes her job very seriously, she is attached to her handler and he is all that matters.

As our first rescue dog into PTSD Dogs Australia assistance dog pack, she embodies everything about being a leader.

Miss Rosie - Pack Leader

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