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We are looking for a home base for PTSD Dogs Australia, a veteran owned not-for-profit charity that rescues displaced and unwanted dogs and trains them to assist military and first responder veterans living with PTSD and other injuries.

A permanent HQ will allow us more space to work with rescue dogs, train volunteers and to house veterans as they learn to work with their new rescue dogs. As we gain media attention, our applicant list grows and having a permanent home for PTSD Dogs Australia will allow us to better meet that demand but to do this we need to raise $3 million to purchase the property and construct facilities.

Our ultimate headquarters will;

Be set on a small acreage property between Brisbane and Gympie (Sunshine Coast) with easy access to the highway. It will have a main dwelling for caretaker / managers who will live on the property, so they have 24/7 access to animals housed on the property. A large all-weather training arena will also be constructed to facilitate group training in all weather conditions.
The Sunshine Coast is seen to be the ideal location due to ease of access from anywhere in Australia and the temperate climate which allows for year round training in relatively comfortable conditions.

Eventually a few small units will be constructed or placed on the property to accommodate handlers while they undergo intensive training with their dogs. 

Benefits to the greater community;

Once fully established, whilst we try as much as possible to use volunteers, the charity will be employing qualified trainers and other staff in the future.

The supply of fully trained assistance dogs to our first responder and military personnel has been shown to reduce suicide rates and the reliance on medications.

Future accommodation units could be used as temporary housing for homeless veterans.

Benefits to Queensland;

Our ultimate goal is to be Australia’s leading training and support organisation for PTSD assistance dogs. We would be proud to call Queensland our home with our national headquarters and training facility based here. We already have trainers in Perth and Melbourne but they report back to and train here on the Sunshine Coast, their role is to provide support training to handlers in their areas.

Help us to raise the $3 million we need to acquire and establish our headquarters.

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Please , give what you  can today to ultimately help more dogs go on and improve the overall quality of life of those who have given so much in the past.

Your donation will make a difference

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