Your assistance dog is always beside you

Border Collie born 23/11/2016

Loyal, understated and quiet, not what you would expect from a Border Collie.

Both Buddy and his sister, a black and white Border Collie, were surrendered to a private Border Collie shelter who thought Buddy would be a good fit and the sister a possibility. Well Buddy yes, an A+ student, his crazy sister, Marlie didn’t get past the first assessment!

True to breed, Buddy is very smart and switched on but in a calm and restrained way. He was well trained, walked beautifully on a lead and stayed close off leash.

Buddy had been well loved by a young family, their “First Born” and we are grateful to have him as a PTSD assistance dog. He is a true “Buddy” to a young army veteran.

Buddy has a keen sense of smell and has learnt to notify his handler when the “P” molecule raises it’s painful head. Buddy through touch, notifies his handler to stop and rest.


When dark clouds of depression stop his handler from getting out of bed, Buddy is there beside him encouraging him to get up and smell the fresh air outside.

Buddy, unlike all our other dogs, is not food driven, his reward comes from verbal and physical praise.

“Buddy has been the best therapy, he really is mans’ best friend.”

He is a real Buddy

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