Master Archie

Cavoodle born 30/08/2018

Archie, from the moment we laid eyes on him, he melted our heart.

As a pup he was a happy chap, vibrant and enthusiastic to be part of whatever was happening.

He loved to run around on the play equipment and especially loved the slippery slide.

Archie’s biggest joy after a hard days training (playing) session was the wadding pool.


Archie’s biggest learning has been with inanimate objects, especially the Moo Goo blow up cows. In true Archie style, he overcame his fear and became great friends with the Moo Goo inflatables! Bless him.

Archie was trained as a PTSD Assistance dog and gifted to a medically discharged police officer. Archie was deemed a little on the small side and was repurposed as a hard working, heart melting, canine assisted therapy dog.

Today Master Archie Brings smiles to veterans and first responders. He has regular weekly visits to veteran aged care facilities, RSL clubs, police, fire and ambulance stations.

He is ever so polite, Archie brings his own ball, and encourages everyone to join his game of fetch when they return from their difficult day.

He has been known to curl up on a first responders lap for some one on one time.

  • He is a master at reading peoples emotions
  • He is a master of bringing smiles to peoples faces
  • He is a master listener
  • He is a master of unconditional love

He is our Master Archie

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