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Please note:
We are currently only able to process applications from within 150 km radius of Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast.
ie. Brisbane to Hervey Bay.

It should also be noted that applications cannot be submitted on behalf of someone else.

In filling out this application, I acknowledge that the Assistance Dog I may be provided remains the property of PTSD Dogs Australia and that I have specific obligations to maintain the training and certification required by Law for Assistance Dogs.

  • This is an application form only, there is no guarantee of acceptance.
  • PTSD Dogs Australia reserves the right to refuse an application at any stage in the process, even after training has commenced.
  • The organisation and recipients are governed by the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 as well as PTSD Dogs Australia Animal Welfare Statement.
  • I acknowledge it is my duty to care and provide for my dog. I understand that if my dog’s welfare is deemed at risk, they may be removed from the partnership.
    Someone who is a part of my support system will be notified and preferably present at the time of the dogs return to the program. I understand my health care provider may also be notified.
  • I understand that providing false or misleading information to PTSD Dogs Australia will result in my dismissal from the program.

Your commitment and ongoing association with PTSD Dogs Australia is crucial to the success of the partnership with your Assistance Dog. We work as a pack, furry and non-furry. Together we believe anything is possible. In making this application you agree and want to be part of a cohesive and supportive pack for the lifetime of your Assistance Dog – generally 10 years of working dog life.

You can review our Privacy Policy HERE prior to filling out this application 


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