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Training assistance dogs for all our Military and First Responder personnel who have PTSD

Rescuing Dogs who Rescue Veterans & First Responders

At PTSD Dogs Australia we believe you never walk alone when you have a trained PTSD Assistance Dog by your side. Gentle, intuitive, intelligent and full of unconditional love. They can provide a sense of calm amidst turmoil, safety amid confusion and comfort in sadness.

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Rescued Heroes

Just a few of the dogs we have rescued that are now rescuing humans in return.

Your assistance dog is always beside you


At just 11 months of age, Rosie, the Labradoodle, came to us from Taree in NSW and has since been trained to give assistance both mentally and physically. She alerts her handler when he is about to have a seizure and helps with the shopping by getting cans of food from the bottom shelf of the supermarket.

Your assistance dog is always beside you


Buddy the Border Collie is an invaluable assistant to his young veteran handler and goes everywhere with his human. His quiet nature makes him well suited to his role and he is quick to let his handler know when he is overdoing things and needs to take a rest.


As a rambunctious 1 year old, B J came to us from Sydney NSW and has now become one of our star pupils who has only one aim in his life - to be the supporting paw for his human partner.


Another gorgeous Labrador from Taree, Henry is now an assistance dog for an army veteran also in Coffs Harbour NSW.


Originally trained to be an assistance dog for a retired police officer, Archie was deemed a little on the small side and was repurposed as our hard working Ambassador visiting emergency workers and retirement homes to spread comfort and the word about what we do.



Another rescue dog who was abandoned at a very early age, we got her at just 10weeks. She has been an absolute star from the start being one of the most empathetic dogs in our team.


When a local breeder heard what we were doing, they decided to donate this amazing boy to be trained as an assistance dog for some lucky veteran. being an Australian Shepherd Blaze is super keen to work for his handler.



After the tremendous success with BJ and Henry, the breeder contacted us to say she wanted to donate a pup from the last litter she was breeding and so the Legend began. While still only a pup, he can be a bit of a goofball.

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